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Last Updated: Dec 29, 2016 08:44AM EST

I am taking the OUPV online program and came across a question which I believe to be a trick question which was marked wrong on one of my exams.

In a Williamson turn the rudder is put over full until the...

  1. Vessel has turned 90° From her original course.
  2. Vessel has turned 60° From her original course.
  3. Vessel is on a reciprocal course.
  4. Emergency turn signal sounds.

I choose response # 3 however, you indicate that the correct response is # 2 both answers seem to be acceptable. This is an obvious trick question which you are using to confuse your students... These materials are hard enough without you throwing in additional curve balls!

Let me begin by saying that Mariners Learning System started with a data base of nearly 16,000 Coast Guard questions when we wrote this program. What you see is the result of several months work weeding out the trick questions and including the ones which are applicable to your online program. In addition to testing you knowledge the online quiz questions are also used as an additional opportunity to teach the student. This is why you will find many questions to have additional comments or reference numbers. 

This question asks... In a Williamson turn the rudder is put over full until ____________. 
There is only one correct response to this question and that is that you put the helm hard over until your vessel has turned 60 degrees from her original course.

If the question had asked... While making a Williamson Turn after steadying your vessel on a course that is 60 degrees off your original course what would the next maneuver to be performed at the helm? Then I would agree that you would turn the helm hard over to the other side until the vessel is on a reciprocal course.

However, that is not the question... No trick question here... Be careful not to read conditions into the questions that are not stated. You must choose the response that is the most correct and in this case the proper response can only be one answer.
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