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Best Holding Ground Quiz Question

Last Updated: Dec 29, 2016 09:16AM EST

On the quiz, there was one question that I got wrong where I'm not certain why. - Which type of bottom is best suited for holding an anchor of a small boat The correct answer is (A) Mud and Clay and (C) Sandy. The online materials suggest that "mud and clay or sandy bottoms make excellent holding...." The textbook provides useful detail that says that both Sand and Mud and Clay are "excellent" but elaborates that the sand must be firm to provide excellent holding and similarly that clay must be dense and pliable and mud must be sticky. Both answers seem to be slighly incomplete. Why is A correct and not C?

It is true that a firm sandy bottom will provide good holding power when anchoring. However, the question does not include "firm sandy bottom" as one of the possible choices. So with the choices given mud and clay would be the best choice.
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